User Notice

This “Notice to Users” is for users whose shipping address is outside of mainland China.

About the transaction process →

New mining machine ——
①Browse the website and select the product of your choice.
② Ask customer service for the latest price.
③Confirm your purchase intention and pay in full with USDT.
④Seller delivers the product and buyer pays the shipping cost.
⑤ Receive the goods.
Used miners ——
①Browse the website and choose the product you want.
②Inquire the latest price from customer service.
③Determine the purchase intention and pay 30% deposit of the order amount with USDT.
④The seller provides the machine’s arithmetic test video.
⑤ The seller delivers the machine and the buyer pays the shipping cost.
⑥pay the remaining 70% of the order amount with USDT.
⑦ Receive the goods.

About the price→

The price of mining machine products will fluctuate due to factors such as the rise and fall of coin prices, production revenue, market circulation, etc. When placing an order, please be sure to double check with customer service for the final price and quantity in stock at that time.
The website cannot be updated in a timely manner, and the prices shown on the website are for reference only and are not to be used as the basis for final transactions.

About payment→

Mining machine products are special and risky, once sold no refunds or returns. You need to think twice before making a payment and confirm your purchase, don’t be impulsive.
Payment in fiat currency is not accepted for the time being, please pay to the USDT address provided by customer service.
Reasons for not using fiat currency payment: ① the time limit for bank card collection is uncontrollable, sometimes the price of the miner has changed after receiving the payment, leading to transaction risks; ② there is a risk of freezing the card for bank card collection.
Bitcoin price determines the value of the miner, after payment that is to lock the quantity and price of this batch of orders, based on the rise of bitcoin price, this order will not increase the price, and vice versa bitcoin price falls, this order will not be refunded.

About Logistics→

Usually we will ship your order within 72 hours after payment, and we will provide you with the information after shipping.

About after-sales→

Mining machines are different from general consumer electronics and have certain risks. Therefore, once sold, there are no returns or refunds. Please be sure to think carefully and make careful decisions before purchasing. Mining machines are risky and require careful investment!
New mining machine after-sales: Unless specifically marked, usually mining machines and power supplies have a certain warranty period, and the warranty is the responsibility of the corresponding manufacturer. Please refer to that manufacturer’s after-sales process for specific

warranty matters. We will fully assist with the warranty, but will not be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of the warranty.
After-sales service for under-warranty used mining machines: for machines that are still under warranty, after-sales service is referred to brand new mining machines.
After-sales service for out-of-warranty used mining machines: no warranty, but if repairs are needed, we can assist in contacting a repair facility, but the repair costs will be borne by the customer.

About warranty expiration →

The manufacturer will not warranty the following cases.
① beyond the warranty period specified by the manufacturer (generally 180 days, which may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer).
② Damage caused by natural disasters, including but not limited to earthquakes, fires, rainstorms and sandstorms.
③ mining machine itself is disassembled, private alteration, replacement of components.
④ damage caused by lightning strikes, voltage surges, poor quality power supplies, etc.
⑤ Damage caused by water, moisture and corrosion of circuit boards and components.
⑥Product serial number has been maliciously modified, defaced or deliberately removed from the product;
⑦ Overclocking.