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    Innosilicon, the industry leader of all coin crypto mining ASICs, launches another heavy weight BTC miner, the T2T-26T (also has 4 work modes). In the high power mode, the hash rate of Innosilicon T2T-26T miner is 26Th/s (± 5%), energy consumption is only 2100w (+ 10%).
    Hashrate:26TH/s (+/-5%)
    Power Consumption:2100W (+10%, normal mode, at the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25°C temperature)
    尺寸:Single Tube, 425mm(L)*138mm(W)*193mm(H)

    T2T-26T Miner has 4 work modes as follows:

    高哈希模式 普通模式 平衡模式 低Power Consumption模式
    Hashrate 26T±5% 24T±5% 22T±5% 21T±5%
    Power Consumption 2100W+10% 1950W+10% 1600W+10% 1410W+10%

    You can choose any kind of work modes as you wish. INNOSILICON T2T-26T Miner will help you go through the bear market and occupy the leading position in the bull market.


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