Baikal Miner BK-G28



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    Baikal Miner BK-G28
    Brand:Baikal Miner
    Crypto Algorithm:X11,X11Gost,Quark,Myr-Groestl,Skein,Nist5,Groestl
    Chip Type:芯片
    Rated Hashrate:28GH/s
    RatedPower Consumption:1300W
    Net weight:6.55Kg
    Miner size(mm):300*190*158
    Heat dissipation method:Air-cooled
    Number of Fans:2
    Baikal Miner BK-G28矿机基于前期工作的基础上,在性能上极具优势,且支持高达8种Crypto Algorithm,是目前为止支持Crypto Algorithm最多的大Hashrate矿机,HashratePower Consumption比出色。相比GPU Miner,Power ConsumptionHashrate比提升高达几十倍以上,极大地降低了挖矿的成本。
    Crypto Algorithm Hashrate Power on wall
    X11 28Gh/s±5% 1300W
    Quark 28Gh/s±5% 800W
    Qubit 28Gh/s±5% 850W
    Myriad-GroestI 28Gh/s±5% 350W
    Nist5 28Gh/s±5% 550W
    Skein 14Gh/s±5% 300W
    X11Gost 3.5Gh/s±5% 450W
    GroestI 28Gh/s±5% 450W



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