Baikal Miner BK-B



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    Baikal Miner BK-B
    Brand:Baikal Miner
    Crypto Algorithm:Blake2b,LBRY,Pascal
    Chip Type:芯片
    Rated Hashrate:160GH/s
    RatedPower Consumption:410W
    Net weight:3.8Kg
    Miner size(mm):312*125*130
    Heat dissipation method:Air-cooled
    Number of Fans:1
    Baikal Miner BK-B是多Crypto Algorithm矿机,可挖Blake256R14、Blake256R8、Blake2B、Lbry、LbryCrypto Algorithm币种,如DCR、SC、PASC、LBC等。


    Crypto Algorithm Hashrate Power Consumption
    Blake256R14(Decred) 160Gh/s±10% 410W±5%
    Blake256R8(Vcash,Blakecoin) 160Gh/s±10% 260W±5%
    Blake2B(Sia) 80Gh/s±10% 300W±5%
    Lbry(Lbry) 40Gh/s±10% 400W±5%
    Pascal(Pascal) 40Gh/s±10% 210W±5%



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