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    产品概述 Specifications
    版本 Z11
    型号  240-Z
    加密Crypto Algorithm/币种 Equihash/Zcash
    RatedHashrate(KSol/s) 135
    Power on wall(Watt) 1418
    能效比(25°CAmbient temperature,J/Ksol) 10.5
    适配AC/DC输出需求(Watt/Volt) 1729/12.00
    Hashrate&Power Consumption
    RatedHashrate(KSol/s) Typical value:135 Maximum value:142
    能效比(25°CAmbient temperature, J/KSol)(1-1) Minimum value:10.5 Maximum value:11.24
    能效比(40°CAmbient temperature, J/KSol)(1-2) Minimum value:11.01 Maximum value:11.78
    Power on wall(Watt)(1-3) Minimum value:1418 Maximum value:1673
    直流Voltage input范围(DC,V)(1-4) Minimum value:11.6 Typical value:12 Maximum value:13
    直流电流输入范围(DC,A)(1-5) Typical value:109.9 Maximum value:134.13
    适配AC/DC输出功率需求(Watt) (1-6) Minimum value:1556 Typical value:1729
    Number of chips 9
    HashrateNumber of Boards 3
    Network连接方式 RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
    Bare Machine Size (长*宽*高),mm 228*134*279
    Bare Machine Weight(kg) 5.08
    Noise(dBA,25°C) (2-1) 70
    Environmental requirements
    Operating temperature(°C) Minimum value:0 Typical value:25 Maximum value:40
    储存温度(°C) Minimum value:-40 Typical value:25 Maximum value:85
    Working humidity(RH)Non-Condensed Minimum value:5% Maximum value:95%



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