Antminer T9



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    1.Hashrate: 12.5TH/S±5%
    2.Power on wall: 1576W+7%(比特大陆APW3-1600瓦电源,AC / DC 93%的效率,25℃Ambient temperature)
    3.电源效率: 0.126J/GH +7%(墙上,AC / DC 93%的效率,25°C的Ambient temperature)
    4.输入Voltage: 11.6~13.0V
    5.Number of chips: 171PCS
    6.Number of Algorithm Boards: 3PCS
    7.Dimensions: 445毫米(L)*215毫米(W)*255毫米(H)
    8.整机Weight: 4.5kg
    9.Operating temperature: 0℃至40℃
    10.Working humidity: 5%RH-95%RH,Non-Condensed
    11.NetworkConnection: Ethernet
    12.Noise: 76dB



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