AntMiner ANTSPACE HK3(with DWT-T)(矿箱)



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    参数:1030KW 210 Rack Space

    Specification Details For ANTSPACE HK3
    Product Overview
    Version:ANTSPACE HK3
    Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm):6058*2438*2896
    Miner Capacity:210 units -S19 Hyd. Series miner
    Container Certification:China Classification Society Certification
    Safety Certification :
    North America/Standards:NFPA 79:2021,UL 508A:2018 R8.21,
    CSA C22.2 No. 14-18,ANSI/ISO 12100:2012
    EU/Standards:EN ISO 12100,EN 60204-1
    Operating Power(kW):1047~1050
    PUE(Power Usage Effectiveness):1.022(Excluding cooling tower)/1.036(Including cooling tower)
    Input Voltage and Frequency:
    415V±5% 60Hz(North America)
    400V±5% 50Hz(EU、Middle East)
    Detailed Characteristics
    Shipping Weight(T):8
    Operating Weight (T):12
    Main Switch of Power Distribution Cabinets(A):1200(North America) 1250(EU、Middle East)
    Rated Current(A):952
    Standard Power(kW):1049
    Maximum Power(kW):1050
    Rated Current per Miner(A):10
    Inlet Cable:
    The inlet cables can withstand high-voltage of above 600V, with the following requirements per phase:
    L1 single core cable 600kcMil(300mm²)x4
    L2 single core cable 600kcMil(300mm²)x4
    L3 single core cable 600kcMil(300mm²)x4
    N Single-core cable 600kcMil(300mm²)x4
    PE single-core cable 500kcMil(240mm²)x2
    Connection Interface(Cooling Tower):DN125(GB/T 9119-2010 PN16 DN125)
    Connection Interface(Plate Heat Exchage Interface):DN100(GB/T 9119-2010 PN16 DN100)
    Flow Rate(m³/h):>85
    Quantity of ANTSPACE powered by one 2500kVA Transformer:2



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