AladdinMiner Lamp 1 + PSU power supply



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    AladdinMiner Lamp 1 + PSU电源

    Crypto Algorithm: SHA256
    Hashrate: 16TH/S士 5%
    功率: 1400W土10%
    Power Consumption比: 87.5J/TH土10%
    Voltage input: 11.6-13.0V
    Size: 350mm(L)*l3Omm(W)*l7Omm(H)
    散热: 2×12038风扇
    温度: O℃-40℃
    Humidity: 5%RH一95%RH
    Network: Ethernet
    Noise: 76dB
    Weight: 6.30kg
    芯片制程: 10纳米



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