芯动矿机A5+ DashMaster

芯动矿机A5+ DashMaster
Crypto Algorithm:X11
Chip Type:芯片
Chip type:A5
Rated Hashrate:65GH/s
RatedPower Consumption:1500W
Net weight:6.02Kg
Miner size(mm):265*250*155
Heat dissipation method:Air-cooled
Number of Fans:4
INNOSILICON 公司推出了其新一代X11矿工-A5+DashMaster,与A5 DashMaster相比,新一代A5+DashMasterHashrate达65 GH/s、1500 W低Power Consumption、265 mm*250 mm*155 mm紧凑式设计。

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